Pet Sitters and Pet Hosts

The staff at On Call 4 Pets prides themselves on providing the best possible pet care in the pet sitting industry today. By providing a variety of options for you, the pet owner, our clients have many services to choose from.

What is a Pet Sitter?

These professionals are available for daily dogs walking or jogging, vacation visits, overnight stays and provide pet taxis for your pets. In addition, they provide other services, such as: bringing in the mail, watering your plants, and supervising others that service your home. Our staff does give medication, per your instructions. Our Pet Sitters are licensed, bonded, and insured. All of the staff is emergency pet care trained & certified by the American Red Cross. Plus there is an added benefit to being an On Call 4 Pets customer... we are “on call” for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week & 365 days a year. So, if you get stuck at the office or just decide to go to an unexpected meeting or dinner… we will get to your home and make sure your furry family is doing just fine.

Pet Hosts are unique individuals. They open their homes & welcome your pets into their hearts. We don’t crate your pet unless you provide special instructions. Your pet will get the same, or as close to the same schedule as they have at your home. Our Pet Hosts stay in constant contact with you, and together with your help, come up with the best situation for your furry family members.

Anytime, anywhere... We'll be there!